The Changing Face of Fashion Online

Over the past few years consumers have moved in droves from shops, malls, and High Streets to the Internet. Everything from designer fashion to electronics, books, telescopes, antiques and all natural beef can be purchased online. Shopping online has even completely replaced fighting crowds during the holidays for the most enthusiastic online consumers. As online shopping and the Internet overall have become more sophisticated, online fashion brands have constantly innovated new ways to present their products to consumers.

There are several challenges to shopping for clothing online that were not immediately addressed by the first online clothing shops. How do you know how the t-shirt will fit? What will the fabric feel and drape like? How will this skirt move when I walk and bend? Would this shade of purple look good with my hair color? These questions could hardly be addressed by the simple, 2D photos of early fashion websites.

Fashion Websites Step it Up

Since shopping for clothes online isn’t easy, fashion brands have innovated several ways to enhance interaction with their products and spawn online participation and community. Now, instead of a simple 2D photo of a piece of clothing, it isn’t uncommon to see zoom in features, multiple views of the item, or even a short catwalk video showing the clothing in motion. Isabella Oliver, a designer maternity clothing brand from London, provides short catwalk videos for every product on the site. Videos like these help women get a better idea of what they are buying, reducing the amount of returns because of unmet expectations.

Another way fashion brands are reaching out to customers online is by building a community and encouraging interaction with their brand. Whether it is by starting a “behind the scenes” blog about the designers, asking for customer reviews and testimonials, placing surveys and polls on the site, or becoming present on a social network, fashion brands are engaging and listening to their customers online. This has even enabled some clothing designers to run their shops solely online. By building trust, community and providing great service, some designers need never open a traditional store.

Videos Enhance Clothing Shopping Online

Online videos have become extremely popular with the boom of YouTube and other video sharing websites. Savvy fashion brands have picked up on this and transformed the online video medium to fit their needs. Videos are a great way to show off clothing, giving hints on how to wear certain items, or illuminating the newest trends. Difficult pieces of clothing warrant how-to videos, like this short and simple clip about wrapping a maternity top that can be found on the right side of the product page.

A Look to the Future

As time goes on and shopping for fashion online becomes more prevalent, the user experience is only going to increase in quality. This is an attempt to close the gap between the experience of shopping at the store, and shopping online. The more a customer feels like they are interacting with the product through videos, community interaction, and great customer service, the less they will feel the need to actually see something in person before they purchase. As shopping for fashion online evolves, online fashion magazines that are similar to offline media may combine with interactive content like blogs and surveys to mesh traditional offline fashion information and online shopping.

Online retail is sure to continue evolving. Innovative retailers will surely begin seeing the benefit of bringing shoppers favorite offline information sources into their online storefront. Online magazines, TV shows and clips, and related fashion tips are perfect ways to blend offline and online interaction. The Internet continues to make life easier, and the savviest retail shops will take advantage of all the newest interactive possibilities.

Brick and Mortar Stores and Mens Fashion: A Comparison With Online Shopping

When it comes to finding a great deal, online shopping is number one. The internet has created a whole new social outlook on shopping, not just a whole new market. Sales at “brick and mortar” are becoming more disappointing, because often a shopper can find the same product for an average of a good fifteen percent or so online without a sale, so when supposed sales at “brick and mortar” stores provide a discount that’s not really a discount, online shopping becomes the hero once again. Online shopping is the king of the market. However, when it comes to men’s fashion, online shopping is like cheating on a test-great risk for potentially great results.

Men’s Fashion and the “Brick and Mortar” Store

Shoppers are aware of the prices online, and may go to a “brick and mortar” store just to make sure it’s a product they want-if they want to buy a book, a pan, or something else that’s just used for the sake of using. Clothes and fashion is something completely different. At a “brick and mortar” store, you can test the texture of a shirt, the thickness of the material on clothing, how flexible the jeans are, and so on. There are plenty of clothes that are labeled with one hundred percent cotton, but they don’t always feel the same-some one hundred percent cotton shirts are great for the winter, some for the summer. How would you know which is which without touching it with your own two hands?

When it comes to “brick and mortar” stores, clothes become something real, they become something tangible. If you’re going to put something on your body, you need to try it out, see how it fits, feel how fits-you need to be confident in spending your hard earned cash, especially in such slowly growing economy, and “brick and mortar” stores provide confidence when it comes to men’s fashion

Men’s Fashion Versus Online Shopping

If you’re looking for a great deal, “brick and mortar” stores aren’t ideal in the world of men’s fashion. So, go shopping online-eBay, GILT, and other websites provide excellent resources for a great priced item, at times ninety percent off. Too bad what you’re buying is men’s fashion

Online shopping is problematic. Let’s take a men’s dress shirt as an example. At a “brick and mortar” store, you can try it out, see how thick the material is-since you might be wearing a blazer over it, so it needs to look great and breathe, if not breathe and then look good-see how you can move about in it, etc. However, there are slim fits. What’s a Varvatos slim fit feel like versus a Calvin Klein slim fit? Websites might offer information on the chest width, but they might not. There are too many variables to take into consideration for you to confidently buy a new product of men’s fashion when it comes to online shopping.

Online shopping may present the option of returns. In other words, online shopping knows online shopping itself is a hassle, and doesn’t want to lose your business by losing that argument. Take shoes, for example. A pair of Y-3 shoes cost an excess of three hundred dollars a pair. You can find great deals, however, by shopping online. Then what? Y-3 is a Japanese product, more or less, that is predominantly bought and sol in Europe more than in the Sates. So, a size twelve is more like a size eleven. You would know that if you bought a pair, tried it on, and dealt with the shoes this way-be it a “brick and mortar” store or by hassling through online shopping.

Have Fun Shopping For Fashion Online

If you’re wanting to experiment with a different fashion style than you’re used to, you can have a lot of fun shopping for fashion online. Shopping for fashion online is fun because you can peruse various stores, styles, colors and fabrics all with a click of the mouse. That means you can buy several different wardrobes all with a few clicks of your mouse and there’s no walking around the store, there’s no driving to the mall and it can all be done while sitting comfortably in your office chair. So if you love to shop, but you don’t like the act of shopping, you’ll have a lot of fun shopping for fashion online.

Finding Stores

You can have fun shopping for fashion online by just visiting the websites for the stores you’re used to visiting in your local mall. Major department stores and even little stores all have websites nowadays. You can use your credit or debit card to have fun shopping for fashion online and you never have to leave your house or go to the mall to fight all those crowds and lines. With gas prices so high today, it’s a wonder why more people don’t stay home to have fun shopping for fashion online.


The best part about having fun shopping for fashion online is that you can find what you’re looking for by shopping various stores, all with a few clicks of the mouse, order with your credit or debit card and then you can have those items shipped right to your door. If you pay a little more for shipping, you can often have those items shipped to your door in one day. How easy and convenient is that? Instead of going to the mall and wandering from store to store, you simply sit in your office chair and have fun shopping for fashion online and you never have to leave your house.

Return Policies

You should make sure that before you have fun shopping for fashion online that you check to see if the store you’re ordering from has a return policy. When you have fun shopping for fashion online, you don’t have the luxury of trying things on like you do at an actual department store. You may find the item of clothing doesn’t fit as you thought it would. So make sure you’re able to return any items that don’t fit or that don’t work for your body or skin tone so that you’re not stuck with the item and you’re not out that money.

Online Shopping for Indian Jewelry and Fashions

High quality Indian jewelry can be the perfect accessory for any woman. The beautiful colors and intricate designs featured in jewelry inspired by India is a great addition to any woman’s personal sense of style. If you are looking for new accessories to complement your wardrobe and enhance your personal appearance, you can find great deals on Eastern-influenced jewelry by shopping online.

Indian Jewelry
Indian jewelry is a timeless style of jewelry that is worn by hundreds of thousands of women around the world. Women choose this style of jewelry for a variety of reasons. First, jewelry from India usually features beautiful colors. Fashion jewelry created in India uses exotic dyes and materials to achieve the bright colors that are popular in India. These colors are inspired by the beautiful saris that Indian women wear on a daily basis. Another reason why fashion jewelry from India is so popular is the high quality materials used in the design and construction. Beautiful stones, high quality metals, and exotic silks are all commonly featured in Indian accessories. Intricate design work is also a common feature in jewelry from India. You can find beautifully engraved and etched jewelry that features classic Indian designs.

Why Choose Indian Fashions?
Indian fashions are popular because they are timeless. The Indian culture is one of the oldest cultures in the entire world, and this culture has been carefully preserved by the Indian people. The jewelry created in India is exotic, rich, and beautiful. Indian women understand the value of accessorizing with beautiful materials, colors and styles.

Shopping Online For Great Deals
If you’ve decided that a beautiful piece of jewelry from India is the perfect addition to your wardrobe, you may want to start by searching for these fashions online. The internet offers an enormous selection of jewelry to fit any occasion or any personal style. You can find great deals on jewelry that is made from the highest quality materials and that features the latest fashions. Online shopping is easy because you don’t have to leave your home or deal with the crowds. You can find exactly what you want in a relatively short amount of time. Then, after you make the purchase, your item is delivered directly to your door. Deals and prices on the internet change daily, so it is important to continue checking your favorite online stores to see if the Indian fashions you love become available for less.

Indian Saris
Jewelry, of course, is only an accessory. Many women choose to purchase a saree to accompany their selection of beautiful jewelry. Saris are a traditional garment worn by Indian women. They are characterized by their bright colors and rich, comfortable materials. It has been suggested by many consumers that there is no garment more comfortable to wear and more beautiful than an Indian saree. If you want to create an exotic, different look for yourself, you can find a beautiful saree online and pair it with a stunning piece of jewelry.